Wednesday, March 30, 2016

RTTB & RTTB-Records close his doors

!!! RTTB & RTTB-Records close his doors !!! 

Many people know about my health problems. Some weeks ago i had a heart attack again.When i was in hospital they tested my blood and it seems that there is any kind of cancer in my body.
In the last 6 years i have spend all my time in RTTB-Projects (Blog , Label , Promotion and, and, and...) but in the last weeks and months i can´t handle all messages , emails and all the Projects. Many people wait for responds for weeks now. My health situation is a up and down and sometimes i can´t sit on the computer for days. And it´s not fair to the bands , bookers and people who need a fast respond. Some people think that i didn´t like their bands becaus i don´t post it on the blog. But the problem is that i don´t have the time to check all music that i get . Please don´t forget that everything is a One-Man-Project.
Bandcamp will be keeping online. I have buyed 10.000 free downloads again. So download your ass off 

We started 1.April 2010 and i stop this project 1.April 2016 
Sorry to everyone who i have disappointed . I always have done my best... but now this isn´t enough.
Keep Pop-Punk alive and always show a middlefinger to the PPMB 


Sunday, February 7, 2016

VA - Tales from the Pop-Punk World Vol.3 (2016)

In the beginning of RTTB many people said that we would destroy the scene. Now, nearly 5 years later we have the chance to release this monster compilation as our gift to the pop punk community. We’re only interested in giving bands the chance to share their music with fans, other bands, and anyone who loves pop punk. RTTB’s passion for this music means we want to let people in the pop punk community know that there’s a lot of us out there, even if each of us thinks that we’re the only one’s who are still inspired by the spirit of the Ramones. We’re trying to let bands, fans and labels know about each other and to build bridges between people from around the world.

Nobody (including myself) thought that it could ever work.
But it HAS! We wanna say a big THANK YOU to everyone who
has supported us in any way in all the years and to invite
you to travel with us into the future as we consolidate RTTB.

On this Compilation you have the chance to check out MANY bands
and all the different Styles of Pop-Punk. We haven’t mastered
the songs because it’s a Promo-Compilation for the bands to use to
get their music out there. So you hear the songs in the same way that
the bands have released them.

Now have fun and we hope you find some new favorite bands for your
collection. Go their websites, labels, I Tunes, Bandcamp,
and other sites and buy their albums, downloads, CD’s and
merch so they can keep doing what we – and they – love to do!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kobanes - Lethal Injection (2015) *STREAM*

Sundaegirl - Sundaegirl (2015) *STREAM*

Monday, November 30, 2015

VA - Merry Mooster Mix​-​Mas (2015) *STREAM*

Cretins - Atac LLampec (2015) *STREAM*

The Transgressions - Waste My Time (2009) *STREAM*

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