Sunday, August 17, 2014

Looking songs for the LAST RTTB COMP

Hey Ho Pop-Punk-Fanatics

I've been thinking about RTTB, in recent weeks, and all that we have done since it's beginnings.
I've met a lot of great people recently and for the first time I've had the chance to speak with people who can express how they envision RTTB. The comments are already mostly positive and some have great new ideas as well.
Today I will tell you what my ideas are and how it´s going effect RTTB and RTTB-Records. First thing is ....
I've been a music-blog surfer for years. I've seen so many great compilations in the last year. There's so much great stuff on all of them that I don´t think we need another RTTB-Compilation every year. "Tales from the Pop-Punk-World Vol.2" will be the last compilation from Ramone to the Bone. After the Re-Release of "They´re Alive," I will end the RTTB-Comps with the release that started it all. The era of ONLY posting albums to my blog is over. It´s too boring.
So I will still continue put things from Webzines in RTTB. Things like Reviews, Interviews, Concert-stories, Band-News, Tourdates, Band Discography lists, Histories, and unlike awesome sites like "Dying Scene" (who have all genres) we will still only do Ramonescore and Old-School-Pop-Punk-Stuff.
I do wanna start a official Online-Stream. With AutoDJ and Moderation.

So anyone out there who wants to help with interviews, reviews, and more more more?
Please contact me
Send everything to rttbrecords@gmail.com

and if you wanna see your song on this compilation (it can be a new or a old song)...please send t to

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Joey and the Instapunks - Shitty In Pink (2005)

1. Joey and the Instapunks - Sarah
2. Joey and the Instapunks - Zoombie
3. Joey and the Instapunks - Jello
4. Joey and the Instapunks - Skinny Dippin'
5. Joey and the Instapunks - Margie!
6. Joey and the Instapunks - Comman'Doh
7. Joey and the Instapunks - Liam is a pussyfart
8. Joey and the Instapunks - Die-Anne
9. Joey and the Instapunks - Rocky Mountain Blues
10. Joey and the Instapunks - Boones & Blacklables



"New" video links added:
Be My Doppelganger - Why
Big Fuckin' Skull - Six Skulls
Bye Bye Pedro - Laura
Capitalist Kids - Closer To You
Caroline And The Treats - Gimme Gimme Gimme
Caroline And The Treats - Make out with you
Cute Lepers - Noisy Song
Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Say Goodbye to your Generation
Fairmounts - Devlin McGreggor
Gli Impossibili - Angelo dal pelo nero
Hallingtons - Are You Part of the Human Race?
Hard-Ons - All set to go
Hard-Ons - Crazy Crazy Eyes
Hard-Ons - Dull
Hard-Ons - Girl In The Sweater
Hard-Ons - In the End We All Die Alone
Hard-Ons - Let there be rock
Hard-Ons - She's A Dish
Hard Ons - Something About You
Hard-Ons - Sorry
Hard-ons - Pretend It's Vanilla
Hard-ons - Where Did She Come From
Helltons - Socially Retarded
Hum Hums - Teenage Loser
IDFK - Fish Taco
J Prozac - A Boy and His Bike
Leeches - Piranha Boys
Los Nikis - El IMperio contraataca
Los Nikis - La Fiesta Medieval
Los Romanes - Cementerio de Mascotas
Ne Luumäet - Onnellinen perhe
Pojat - Ketä sä rakastat
Pool Party - Bad Boy Jam
Pool Party - Born Too Loose
Pool Party - Evil Tonite
Pool Party - Raised By Wolves
Pool Party - Teenage Weirdo
Reabilitados - Surfin'ES
Riff Randalls - Lethal Lipgloss
Rotten Horror - Atrac¸a~o Fatal
Rotten Horror - Fim de Linha
Rotten Horror - Let Me Free
Spazzys - Captain Ozone
Sonic Surf City - GooseBumpsSkice
Sonic Surf City - Let's Make Love
Sonic Surf City - Fabio & I
Soviettes - #1 is Number Two
Soviettes - The Land of Clear Blue Radio
Started-its - Im Not The One (Teen Idols Cover)
Teenage Bottlerocket - Cruising for Chicks
Teenage Rehab - More Than A Job
Toys That Kill - Catholic Damageh
Toys That Kill - Little Bit Stranger
Toys That Kill - V-Chip
Trash Monsters - Song of Reckoning
Violets - Not Alright
White Wires - Ha Ha Holiday
White Wires - Let's go to the Beach
Zebrassieres - Lone Fish


Live shows:
Gli Impossibili - Live At Tele+
Los Nikis - Directo La Bola de Cristal (TV, 1986)


...to be continued ;)

Stay tuned

Friday, August 8, 2014

NEON BONE - Sukiyaki (2014)

    Neon Bone - Sukiyaki (2:26)
    Neon Bone - I Wanna Be With You (2:01)

ON MY ARMS - Ready to go! (2014)

    On My Arms - On My Arms (1:32)
    On My Arms - Wake Up Your Mind (2:19)
    On My Arms - Ready To Go! (1:44)
    On My Arms - Right Time (2:21)
    On My Arms - It's Better To Be Alone (1:55)
    On My Arms - My Heart Is Beating For You (2:22)

The Infamous Middle Finger