Friday, April 11, 2014

Rangones - Rock To Eat (2014)

The Prozacs - Is This How It Ends ? (2014) *STREAM*

I Don't Care Anymore
Dreaming Again
Paging Mr. Herman
Art Of Realization
Mr. Sound Guy
Lost And Found
We Wanna Rock
Better Run
I'm Gonna Strangle You
Totally Worthless
Punk Pt. II
Colorado Van Crash
The Last Movie
Dancing Larry

This is a collection of songs taken from split releases and comp tracks spanning 2008 - 2013....and the previously unreleased song "Heartless". Mastering by Bil McRackin, Jim Fogarty & James Frazee. 
(c)(p) 2014 The Prozacs & Pop-A-Pill Records

Thursday, April 10, 2014

VA - Absolute Pleasure (A Tribute to Rocky Horror) (1998)

okok ... that is the strangest thing here on RTTB.
The versions on this Album are really horrible , i mean REALLY Horrible and i would never post it ... BUT....There are some songs on it that could be interesting for some collectors.
See...there are The Wallys , Darlington and The Emma Peel Advocates ;)
If you wanna download a song:
Right Click on the song in the tracklist >Save As
If you only wanna hear the song ...click on it in the tracklist 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RTTB 23-14 - The Sentiments - The Tape Years (1997-1999) (2014)

1. The Sentiments - 6394 (1:54)
2. The Sentiments - Baby Doll (2:52)
3. The Sentiments - Lady Suicide (2:27)
4. The Sentiments - Ladykillers (0:54)
5. The Sentiments - Mary Mint (3:05)
6. The Sentiments - First Kiss (1:46)
7. The Sentiments - Bubblegum Girl (1:41)
8. The Sentiments - Goodbye Ramona (2:25)
9. The Sentiments - Pom Pom Highschool Queen (1:34)
10. The Sentiments - She talks to the Moon (2:01)
11. The Sentiments - She's a wonder (2:24)

I´ve got a burned CD with this songs some years ago.
I really love this "Album" and i´m very proud that i can re-release it 


Spazzys & Fast Food - ANTIPODES E.P (2014) *STREAM*

    Spazzys - Nothing In Return (Roky Erickson Cover) (2:48)
    Fast Food - La Noche Que Murio Phil Lynott (2:35)

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