Friday, January 13, 2017

VA - A Benefit For The Victims (2017) *STREAM*

Friday, January 13th, 2017 is unique as it's the only Friday the 13th that we'll be getting this year. We thought we'd mark this special occasion with a fun sampler for all of you slasher-minded folks out there!
Whether you're into punk rock, bubblegum pop, or horror punk, this CD should hit you right in the love muscle!

Please follow the links below and visit all of the bands that contributed to this compilation:

www.facebook.com/The-Riptides www.facebook.com/theMOANS www.facebook.com/thejasonsband www.facebook.com/silverfoxes1234 www.facebook.com/theenlows www.facebook.com/therobinsonsnola www.facebook.com/TheAntiBodies www.facebook.com/TheProzacs www.facebook.com/Kobanes www.facebook.com/The-Labor-Pains www.facebook.com/thestrangeparty
**DISCLAIMER: Hopefully it's clear that this is not really a benefit for anything...just some punk rockers fuckin' around for fun.


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