Thursday, December 29, 2016

VA - A Tribute to Teenage Bottlerocket - Skate Or Fly

RTTB 41​-​16
A Tribute to Teenage Bottlerocket - Skate Or Fly

RTTB Records presents a Tribute to Teenage Bottlerocket
The compilation is dedicated to Brandon Carlisle
61 !!! Songs for FREE DOWNLOAD
We wanna thank Ray Carlisle and Miguel Chen for the permission to release this compilation.
So here some informations you should know :
It´s just a digital release. There will not be a physically release from us.
In this download you will find all graphics you need to create your own shirts...posters or whatever . But please never remove Ole Arts signature. We had this problem on other releases. When you create something with it...please don´t forget to send us a picture .
And don´t own money with this graphics.
We buyed 15.000 free dowloads for the TBR Compilation. So everyone should get a free download when the release is done. We will open the "Name your price" option . The money will be taken to buy new free downloads. When all downloads are gone...bandcamp will set the album to 7 Dollars. (I can´t do anything against it). THIS money will go directly to TBR´s paypal.And we set it for free again when i saw that.
!! The money that you will spend is for buying new free Downloads.. so spend some bucks to keep all our releases for free.!!
Don´t forget...put "0" in the pricefield and you will get it for free
This project started as a Benefit-Compilation for Brandon Carlisle .
After a talk with Miguel we changed that.
Now it´s just a free-download Tribute to Teenage Bottlerocket that will bring you all this awesome cover-songs collected on one place. When you like a band...visit their bandcamp-sites . You will find all links on the site in the next hours) and spend some bucks on their releases.
Thanks again to everyone who supported us in the last years !!
!! Please help and share this post on your sites and in all groups !!
Last but not least : Sorry for my bad english.

You can read what Teenage Bottle Rocket had to say about it in a recent Facebook post below

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