Sunday, December 4, 2016

Top 2016 List

Here is mine Top 2016 list (No own releases/no splits/no re-releases)
Albums Top 10 (no order)

Private Instigators - The Case Files Of The Private Instigators Re-Opened (2016)

Jagger Holly - DJ Free Europe

The Ratcliffs - Bubblegum Warfare

The Jasons - Get Fucked

The Evil O'Brians - The Evil O'Brians

Batfoot! - Cut the Cord 

TOUGH - Mess

The Snipers - The Science Of Muddlin' Thru

The Kuhlies - The Sequel No One Asked For

Top 4 EPs (no order)

Drones - Take It Easy (2016)

The Rip Taylors - Defects of Character

The Hallingtons - Running From The USSR

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