Friday, September 23, 2016

Here we go again !

Here we go ...
my health is a up and down.but the last weeks all is fine and i feel better since the last years. RTTB-Records will be reanimated. But the structure in the background will completly changed. A professional Mailorder will handle all orders so there are no problems when my health is bad or something like that. I will get a lot of help now . Stephen Brookfield is the men behind RTTB Records in USA . That makes it easier to handle the orders there. Shipping costs are hell :) No Physical releases in the line at the moment.
But i like to do Free-Download Compilations more .. so you should know that this comps will come 2017 ! And 100% that will come in via "name your price" will go to benefit for cancer societys all around the world. more informations next year ;)
Tales from the Pop-Punk-World Vol 4 (2017)
All About Girls Vol 2 (2017)
Summer Feelings 3 (2017)
Gabba Gabba
Thanks to all of you !

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  1. Hope you stay well. Look into urine therapy and you'll stay well for good. It's an elixir of the fountain of youth (liquid gold)!


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