Saturday, May 16, 2015

J Prozac & Friends - Hey Hey Ole !

 All the best to Ole and Kristin
Thank you Ole for everything you have done for RTTB and the Pop-Punk-scene

As a thank you to him for the help he's given (and for being an all round top bloke), J Prozac and a few friends have recorded a surprise wedding song to commemorate Ole and Kristin's special day. The details of who did what are on the back cover of the song (below) but briefly, J wrote the song and provides vocals/guitar/percussion, Scotty Blood (Stiletto Bomb) is on bass, J Blood (Stiletto Bomb) and Karl Ourand (Engineer at  Plummer's Mines Studio) are on guitar duties whilst Evil O'Brian's frontman Hansel O'Brian also provides vocals. J says he did the best he could in the short amount of time available to him and with the limited resources at his disposal, personally I think he (and everyone else who was involved) has done a hell of a job. This is Hey Hey Ole!......


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