Friday, January 9, 2015

We need you to keep DIY

Hey Ho Pop-Punk Fanatics 

As we released the "Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol 2" Compilation nobody thought that there will be so many interest in this.
After Dying Scene and some other sites talked about us , we got a overrun with downloads from all our releases. Alone in the last 30 Days more than 40.000 downloads.
The problem is...bandcamp only gives 200 free downloads all 30 days.  When they are gone ... bandcamp put all releases up to 7 Dollar. So i buyed new free downloads many times the last weeks
It´s simple ... 5000 downloads costs 75 Dollar and we have more than 40.000 now. 
In all the years i have payed this but now it´s too much.
When you can donate some cents or buy some stuff on our bandcamp (yes we set prices now for a limited time) it will help to keep RTTB free from spam and advertising. I don´t wanna make money. I will pay the biggest part from my own in future too.... but now i need a little help.
For everyone who give some bucks more....we will remember you when we release the first physical releases in some month ;)

Thank you and have a great weekend



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