Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joining Marc to Help Promote RTTB in North America

Hi everyone, 
this is Stephen from The 99ers a pop punk band based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA.  I first became aware of RTTB through the Summer Feelings compilations a few years back.  Since then I've become aware of so much great new music that Marc has made available that I feel I need to do something to support his work.

I've offered to help Marc in running the next version of RTTB Records when it becomes a mail order business serving Europe.  We want to get bands we like on to the label for the European pop punk community.  Maybe we can persuade bands we like who are on small independent labels in the USA and Canada to be on RTTB records in Germany and Europe.  We won't make any money but we'll get the music out for everyone to enjoy.

I love pop punk and have always viewed it as the energy of the Ramones fused with the best of 50's and 60's style pop music - short, catchy, melodic songs played with energy and soaked in the Johnny Ramone guitar style.  I loved that Marc included Buddy Holly's "Heartbeat" in his top ten punk songs of all time, because pop punk has it's roots in 50's/early 60's rockabilly & pop.  As he put it Buddy Holly with distortion is pop punk.

My band The 99ers actually were inspired by hearing The Ramones version of "California Sun" and then The Barracudas doing "Surfers are Back"many years ago.  The 99ers actually recorded a version of "Surfers Are Back" on our 2nd album a few years ago.

To give you an idea of my taste - my favorite pop punk bands following on from the Ramones are, in no particular order, the Queers, Lillingtons, Riverdales, Chixdiggit, Teen Idols, Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, Methadones, Unloveables, Hextalls, Backstreet Virgins, Goin' Places, Teenage Bottlerocket, Even in Blackouts, Dan Vapid & the Cheats, Beatnik Termites, Darlington, Shonen Knife, Spazzy's, Manges, Huntingtons, Lemonaids, Dazes, Varsity Weirdos, Muffs, Scutches, Rocket Jocks, and many, many others.

So I'll be posting on the blog, getting to know you, scouring North America for bands to go on RTTB, and generally doing what I can to help Marc with his labor of love. This will all be in addition to writing, recording & gigging with The 99ers.  To hear an example of what the 99ers do, here's "Godzilla's a Punk", the lead off track from our latest album.

Marc has given me so much great music over the years that I feel I need to give something back. So I'm really pleased to introduce myself and to be supporting Marc and RTTB.

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